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"LinkedIn & Resumes: Beginners" - Shared screen with speaker view
Jen Kopfman
If you have questions for our panelists, you're welcome to turn on your camera and unmute, or you can post them here in chat.
Sierra Wall
I have one. But I made it in high school and just recently updated it.
Iriana Rucker
I have one, but I haven’t touched it since freshman year of college
Sierra Wall
What would be the best things to include within our LinkedIn. I personally have the general jobs I have worked since Im still within my time of school but I know I need to make it professional or personable.
Aaron Kirkpatrick
I have a linkedin profile, and I’m wondering if you are connected with on linkedin can make you look better or worse?
Audrey Matthews
I have an updated resume
Iriana Rucker
I have a resume that I updated recently, just no linked in